Share Jobs Automatically
User-friendly sharing tools instantly connect you to the masses of active and passive job seekers who “live” on social media networks. Your employee can automatically share new job openings at a frequency of his/her choosing, or refer jobs to specific friends and colleagues.
Communicate Directly with Everyone
Use a single system to communicate with both employees and applicants. Your employees refer and recommend applicants and you provide application status updates, all in the same place. Direct, centralized communication makes employee referral quick and simple, and is much easier than trying to catch a colleague at the water cooler!
Track Your Progress
Monitor your social recruiting efforts as you go. Real-time management tools and easy-to-read analytics let you measure your progress and identify your most successful recruiting patterns.
Increase Brand Awareness
Custom-design your company’s job-sharing page and vacancy posts. The average social network user has about 350 friends, so every time your employees share jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, they introduce your company to an audience of thousands and spread the word about your brand.

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